May 3-7, 2021 – Virtual via zoom

Virtual Conference Information

Conference Handouts

**If applicable please find session materials and/or presentations listed under the conference session title. Presenters may add materials during the event so continue to check for added documents.

Conference Evaluation

**Please complete one evaluation per conference session you attend.

Zoom Links

**Please visit reaccess registration or email our if you wish to add or change into an OPEN session.

Official Certificate of Attendance

**Please visit reaccess registration or email our if you wish to add an official record of attendance. This is the only verified form of attendance record for the conference. There is a $17 fee for this certificate and it will be emailed 45 days after the conference to the email address on file for your registration. This certificate must be purchased no later than 7pm on May 7th, 2021.

Clock Hours

** Clock Hours can be purchased at $3 per clock hour rounded down to the nearest half hour. There will be a $3.50 admin fee added to any clock hour purchase. Clock hours must be purchased before the end of the day Friday May 7th. You must calculate the total number of hours you attended live sessions and then reaccess your registration and add the applicable amount of clock hours to your record. Certificates will be sent within 30 days following the conference – or after rosters have been verified.

**DO NOT purchase clock hours until you have completed your conference sessions. You will only be awarded the amount of hours you attend LIVE conference sessions. We will NOT refund the difference if you purchase more clock hours than you are able to attend.

**Special Notes or Announcements

**STARS Credit will automatically be entered after the conference. Please make sure you provided your STARS ID with registration and that you attend the entire zoom session live. Allow up to 30 days for credit to appear in MERIT.

**Conference sessions are NOT being recorded unless the presenter has requested it for their training purposes. We encourage participants to attend LIVE!


  1. When you enter a session participants will be muted with camera’s off – presenters will alert attendees when to engage video/audio capabilities of participation. This feature is to help us reduce distraction for larger sessions.
  2. When participating with your camera on and unmuted please have a quiet and non-distracting location to participate. Sessions will be interactive and may include discussion or breakout groups.
  3. Have snacks and drinks available for yourself during the conference sessions so you can fully engage.
  4. Print out or have session handouts materials available for your use in advance.

For Additional Information

Amanda Cardwell
Conference Coordinator
AC Consulting
Stanwood, WA 98292

Mike Stewart
Conference Administrator
Boyer Children's Clinic
1850 Boyer Avenue E.
Seattle, WA 98112

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